Junior girls will enjoy three building projects to help earn their Architecture badge. Girls will participate in the building of a supersized collaborative structure. This 5’ tall hectogan (100- sided polygon) is a fun group building project that promotes cooperation and patience. The girls will design and build a garden and a house either alone or in small groups.

$15 per builder at the location of your choice   60 minutes






            CUB SCOUTS


Learn carpentry through LEGO construction. Using LEGO bricks and pieces, boys will build and take home three mini boxes using three different building techniques. You may incorporate any of your own badge plans into this workshop.

Some groups bring a variety of tools to assist in the Crafts badge, or use this workshop to help achieve the Creative Challenge badge, or use the Brownie Art workshop for the Art Enthusiast Badge.


We will also spend a good portion of the workshop

p working together to build a 6′ x 6′ LEGO tower from more than 9000 of the same bricks. This activity is a wonderful one-of-a-kind team building opportunity!

$15 per child at the location of your choice.

60 minutes (I don’t do stairs).


     BROWNIE SCOUTS        


Troops will learn about famous Dutch abstract artist Piet (Peet) Mondrian in this hands-on LEGO/art activity. Mondrian led the art movement, “Neoplasticism” in the 1910’s. Neoplasticist used only geometric elements and primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) and the non-colors of black, gray and white. “LEGO Beth will help your child discover Mondrian’s interest in two- dimensional space, math, and the basic LEGO colors in this informative and interesting LEGO building workshop. We will build a “Mondrian” floor mural out of LEGO bricks. Each girl will also build and take home a LEGO project, and will receive her Building Art try-It badge.

$15 per child at the location of your choice.

60 minutes




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